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Confirm a child is home and get instant mobile notifications if they leave! Available for schools as well.


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Peace of mind, safety, convenience and privacy all-in-one.

Confirm your child's safe arrival and get notified if they wander away!


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Instant peace of mind that your kids have arrived home safe.

How It Works

Here's how Found can help you locate the things you care about most.

Instant notifications when your kids get home.

A powerful tool for families with children who come home alone from school, friends' houses, or anywhere else. Get notified when your Found Tag (ie "Kate's backpack") arrives in your Found Network (ie "Home")

The next generation of safety is accurate, instant and non-invasive.

Confirm your child's safe arrival at home with instant notifications on your phone.

Found Starter Kit
  • Instant Response

    Get notified the moment they get home! No need to wait for a random app carrier.

  • Waterproof

    Durable, waterproof tags for wherever life takes you.

  • 12-Month Battery

    Found works when you need it. Simply replace the battery on the first day of school each year.

  • Getting Closer...

    Play hot-n-cold in the app to get close and use the buzzer to locate even small objects!

The Found Starter Kit

Now available for pre-order, the Found Starter Kit includes 1 (one) Found Locator + 2 (two) Found tags. Hit the button below to get Found!