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Create safe spaces for your child at home - or anywhere - and get notified if they wander away! 1-year battery life!


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Peace-of-mind, safety, convenience and freedom all-in-one.

Let your child roam freely around any size property, but get alerted if they wander away!


Create safe spaces at home or anywhere!

Peace-of-mind is knowing you will be instantly notified if your child wanders away.

Found Starter Kit
  • Instant Notifications

    Create a safe space anywhere and get notified if your loved one wanders away.  

  • Waterproof Tags

    Durable, waterproof tags for wherever life takes you.

  • 1-year Battery

    Found works when you need it. Simply replace the battery on the first day of school each year.

  • Play outside

    Let your child enjoy their yard again!  Found let's you create a virtual fence around your entire property!

The Found Starter Kit

Now available for pre-order, the Found Starter Kit includes 1 (one) Found Locator + 2 (two) Found tags. Hit the button below to get Found!

How It Works

Here's how Found can help you locate the things you care about most.

Confirm your kids got home, get notified if they wander away!

Found allows you to check in and verify your loved one is home; activate the wander-alert and it will also notify you if they wander away!