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Learn more about how to set up your Found Locator & Tags and get the most out of Found technology. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Download Free App

Our app is always there when you need it, but only running when you use it. We will never access your location, drain your battery or use your cellular data in the background.

2. Connect Locator to Wi-Fi

Found Locators constantly listen for all Found tags. Each Locator can detect Found tags at up to 1,000 feet open air and ~150' through walls depending on materials. Create Found network coverage around areas important to you like your home or office.

3. Assign Location

With Found's Locator, you not only assign a GPS coordinate, you also tell it what building it is in, floor it is on, and room it is in. Locate with precision even in tall buildings!

4. Assign Tags In App

Set-up in seconds! Only you can see the location of your tags.

5. Attach Tags To What's Important

Loved ones, vehicles, tools, machinery, or just about anything else you can think of.

6. Locate

Confirm your child's presence absence at home instantly from anywhere! As the network grows, see their location around your neighbourhood or city.

7. Secure

Only you can see the location of your tags.

Ready to set up your Found Network?